fukikomu is not dead!

hey hey hey, i hope you guys aren't thinking thatfukikomu doesn't exist anymore!! we are still around, just in silence. but i'm here to break the silence. i just realized how many icons i've had in my photobucket and yet i haven't posted them here :O this is not acceptable! so here are a couple of graphics i've made, hopefully this will get me inspired to do more and be creative again. enjoy!

>Icons (26)
[x6] little mermaid
[x2] enchanted
[x1] beauty & the beast
[x1] digimon
[x2] fushigi yuugi
[x4] full moon wo sagashite
[x8] sailor moon
[x2] kingdom hearts
[x1] final fantasy VIII (dead fantasy)

>Banners (7)
[x1] little mermaid
[x1] beauty & the beast
[x1] final fantasy VII (dead fantasy)
[x2] kingdom hearts
[x1] full moon wo sagashite
[x1] sailor moon

>Wallpapers (5)
[x1] little mermaid
[x1] sailor moon
[x2] eureka seven
[x1] michael phelps

Credit to:riseabovethiss or fukikomu
DO NOT edit/alter any of my graphics
fanart used made by respected artists


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Yuna_Out from

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My gifts from me to you! <3

Me and Liz having a snowball fight, Ishie making a snowman, Joha with our charlie brown xmas tree, Ariel as santa, and Becca is sitting on a present :)

I love u all soooooo much! &hearts;

HAve an amazing Christmas everyone! :D :D

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usagi wings

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Long time since I've updated. I was recently inspired to make icons since a certain person just made her big comeback.

Britney Britney Britney &hearts;

She is my idol ^___________^


Here are some icons from the VMA's, where she won 3 VMA's &hearts; And some Yuna icons.

Icons: 24

Britney Spears:  11
Final Fantasy:  13


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Yuna_Out from


<3 <3 <3 <3
Your guys mean so much to me and have been apart of my life for so long now <3 <3  I LOVE U ALL! And im soo gratefull and happy we all have been together for this long and know the years to come will be even better <3

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